Online coaching

Receive high level coaching and support wherever you are in the world. 

Step 1 (Consultation)

  • The process will begin with a free consultation via skype, to give you an opportunity to become acquainted with your coach and establish a foundation of trust. 
  • During the consultation, your coach will ask about your background, goals, motivations and expectations so that we can deliver a completely bespoke service.
  • Your coach will also discuss nutrition, sleep and lifestyle so that they can help you manage each of these area's to maximise your results. 

Step 2 (Movement Screen)

  • Before you receive your training programme, you will be sent an instructional video walking you through a series of movements that allow us to identify any deficits in posture and mobility. 
  • This enables us to construct a programme that's appropriate for your capabilities, and helps us prescribe the correct interventions to address any postural or mobility deficits that we identify  
  • In addition to your movement screen we will ask you to send video footage of your training sessions so that we can analyse and critique your execution of each exercise. 

Step 3 (training programme)

  • After the consultation & screening process, you will receive your completely bespoke, kick arse training programme in a user friendly platform called Fitbot. 
  • Your training programme will be sent to you on a monthly basis and continually updated according to your progress.
  • In addition to your training programme you will also receive monthly nutrition and lifestyle tasks to help you eradicate bad habits and replace them with ones that are conducive to your goals. 

STEP 4 (Ongoing support)

  • Your coach will be on hand to answer questions and will provide feedback after each of your training sessions.
  • To ensure that you stay on track, you and your coach will check in with each other via skype at the end of each month to review your progress and discuss the subsequent month of training. 
  • After 12 weeks of using our online service you will also have the option to train with your coach in person at the Real World Athlete HQ in South West London. 

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